Today's comic is kind of a public service announcement.

There is a scam going around on Steam where someone, either random or using a friend's stolen account trying to convince you to go to a site and link your steam account to vote for some event.

I expect people to be pretty much immune to those low level frauds at this point but after two of my friends contacted me on steam with slight variations of the same swindle I decided people may not be as paranoid as I am and perhaps I should warn my readers about it.

Free advice? Just don't link your Steam account to any site. Maybe Twitch  or some big site you know but definitely don't do it if its a site you never heard about, even if the site seen know and popular.

p.s. My eyesight is getting bad so that's why I been updating late recently, but I already have a check up scheduled so hopefully we'll go back to our normal schedule soon.