Jill From Girls Frontline

After playing Cyberpunk I decided to try something more indie and since I had Shadowrun already bought I gave it a try.

It started solid and the more indie, old-school approach was kind of refreshing after the mega-production fanfare which was Cyberpunk 2077. I was honestly having a good time and even made Angie a shotgun-wielding rigger with a security background just for roleplay reasons.

Until the Brotherhood quest... Suffice to say I experienced more serious bugs (soft locks, crashes) there than on my whole 2077 run. A little googling showed me I only experienced one of the several issues the particular mission had to offer and after replaying the mission 3x I stopped seeing the game with the same positive attitude.

The game shortcomings like the easy combat are far more obvious when you are doing the same mission a second time. Art, music, writing... everything got a second pass and I can tell you the new rating was usually lower. I heard the 2nd game, Dragonfall, is better but I am playing the first one, Returns, and I think it's fair to compare it with 2077.

In the end both games disappointed me... I guess cyberpunk RPGs have not been lucky. 

At this point I believe if I try that cyberpunk bartender game spin-off VA-11 HALL-A I'll be disappointed too.

p.s. I know Jill is not from Girl's Frontline guys, she comes from Tokimeki Memorial. :)