Ori And The Difficulty Spike

Ori gave me a challenge. It's not extremely challenging and so far, I never reached a point where I was unsure I could not do it like Hollow Knight Radiance but Hollow Knight start reasonably hard. You have no HP, no damage, no reach, and no mobility.

Ori starts slow and safe, like a puppy playing in a backyard and getting a treat (upgrades) by doing the simplest of tasks like reaching a high platform.

Then eventually you get the air-dash thing and the game says "ok, kids glove off, let's start the real game" and suddenly the whole screen is made of spikes and enemy bullets are your lifeline.

Not saying the game is insanely hard, you can save anywhere after all, but it totally gave me a false sense of security. It's the kind of game I was thinking of suggesting for my super casual friend as an introductory game until it showed its true colors.