Too Good

I finally started playing Hades and the game is as close to flawless as it can get.

It reminds me of the glory days of Blizzard where everything was polished to the extreme and pushed the bar of what a good game should be.

Is the game perfect? Well, being a roguelite it suffer from some repetitiveness which plagues the genre, but it's like picking a visual novel and complaining about too much text.

The only thing I wish they made differently is the color pallete... the game uses a unique blend of super saturated colors which is not my cup of tea but I will openly admit it's the artsy me scrapping the bottom of the barrel to complain about something. It do gives the game a unique look which is refreshing in a way.

So, yes, Hades is good.... still, I haven't finished it yet so who knows? Maybe Supergiant will pull their "surprise" and make all my effort be for nothing. Won't surprise me.