Cyber Potion

Like many, I have my fair share of critics to Cyberpunk 2077 but instead of writing an essay, I'll just post ONE thing I dislike per post and keep doing that until I run out of Cyberpunk content to draw.

Above all, my number zero critic is the life path thing. The game sold the idea you can pick a life path (Corpo, Nomad, Street Kid) and this will affect your gameplay. In reality, you behave like a Street Kid no matter what. Yes, you can have a Nomad or Corpo origin but the way you talk and act it's 90% Street Kid with the odd dialogue choice where your life path changes a dialogue. Even when I pick Corpo options it still feels like a Street Kid who was an intern at Arasaki once.

More pressing, the game so far did not offer me a chance to play the life path I choose. There is no option to align me with some corporation and do hit jobs on their enemies until I get enough favors and leverage to put the suit again. Yes, it would be pretty much an "evil" route but it should be an option.