Design Flaw

I believe now the reason they made Cyberpunk 1st person is to avoid the comparison with GTA, and it would be a fair comparison.

My biggest complaint is your interaction with the world is not better than what you had on Witcher 3. I don't care about playing on arcade machines or being able to open drawers, this is the kind of stuff you do once and move on. However, I wish the population reacted better to who I am. Maybe if I am handsome they would flirt, or if I am a nasty gang member people would get out of my way. I'd take a game 1/5 smaller, but with a more elaborate simulation.

This, however, is my opinion Quantity is quality on itself and I'm sure some people enjoy the big-ass Night City. If anything is a good marketing tool. It's easier to sell a big city than interactive NPC interactions.

Honestly, since the game is so big I am already picking my fights. If I find some kind of event boring (like random gangs attacking people) I just skip it. It's like trying to eat everything on a buffet when you can just pick your favorite meals.

Oh, also the game had its fair share of bugs (mostly graphical on my end) at day 1 but I fully expected it and I kinda wanted to check this experience since I usually wait a lot to play a game. Honestly, this is a habit I plan to keep in the future.

To close, I am not disappointed, but I had low expectations to start. The only caveat is I think they oversold how interactive the world would be. It's Witcher 3 on a GTA city and feels that way.