I see lots of angry Hearthstone players and I just want to point there are lots of fish in the sea.

If the game is giving you a bad experience but you feel you need to play it it's either addiction or sunken cost kicking in, and both are bad.

Personally, I believe the game is balanced in a way it's purposely unfun to play if you don't buy many packs to have many cards. You can be F2P but it's not really the best of the experiences and I'm not even talking about the handicap which is not having all the cards you need for a meta deck.

I remember when I started playing you could just buy Naxx, craft 2 Savannah Highmanes and you had a legend-viable Hunter deck. Times were simpler and definitely cheaper.

Perhaps I'm just too stingy but I feel the game subtly pressured me to spend more money and I didn't like that and perhaps you don't too.