No Fun Allowed

You can button-mash in Street Fighter, or you can go W+1 pyro in TF2. While the efficiency of these options is arguable, they work, to an extent. Not on Starcraft.

Starcraft isn't a game for the non-initiated. It's a about flawless execution of a pre-set strategy. Analyze the map, analyze your enemy, annihilate himy before he does the same, if possible, giving him no hope of reaction. You lose in Starcraft before the first fight even started, the moment you didn't morph that 8th drone in a spawning pool, meaning 10 minutes later, that Spire is being build seconds too late, and your base is now being fried by Warp Rays.

Of course, you can enjoy the experience, as long by experience you mean typing "gg" while you waltz around your enemy crippled base while shooting his defenseless peons.