Never Trust a Carnie

A new Hearthstone looms and once more, I'm tempted to give it a try.

However, given I lost the 3 or 4 last expansions, the will to go back gets weaker and weaker, as it's with any habit.

However, there is a 2nd problem which is Hearthstone uses the 3 last expansions so if I'd go back I'd need to collect not only the newest cards but the best ones of the previous set.

Could I do it? Absolutely. Hearthstone is a bit expensive but it's nothing compared to Warhammer or Magic the Gathering.

My main gripe with Hearthstone is, the more money you pour into it, the less satisfaction you'll get from it. Nothing beats spending 50 bucks on packs to get that legendary you want just to find he is not as powerful as you expected him to be.

Still, the most recent expansions looked fun and they added some quality of lifes like duplicate prevention and progression.

Still, unless they rethink how much it cost to play I think I'll just pass and emote.