I am trying to finish Witcher III expansion and did Heart of Stone last week. My thoughts.

Story wise... it's alright. Geralt keep being someone else bitch, except this time his current owner (Master Mirror) managed to outsource him to Olgierd, the expansion main plot point so in a sense you are double the bitch.

Special mention to Olgierd. I'm surprised how people, Geralt in particular, seen to just ignore he is a "not nice person".

The story is alright, but I figured who Master Mirror was pretty early and got kinda annoyed with having to make a pact with him. I got so annoyed this affected the last decision where I picked the option which would annoy him the most.

Combat wise... I found odd most of the game use the same enemies, except the "wife" part where it was pretty much all bosses. To make things worst I totally forgot decotions and potions were a thing and I pretty much did it all with just sword, dodge, some quen bubble and lots of honey and dried fruit. The enemies with regeneration were a pain in the ass but on CDPR defense I kinda gimped myself by not using all my tools.

All in all, it was alright. My main complain is since it has very few new assets and mechanics it could be a quest on the vanilla version and you won't notice. Any flaw of the main game is still there so I totally get why people say to skip this one if you are short on time.

Onward, to Wine and Gold.