Bizarro Paradise

DoA Paradise is creepy, not because of the fanservice, but because of how freaky it is. The gelatinous, living boobs of the girls, with life and will of it's own is a huge letdown to anyone who have a basic grasp of how mammaries behave. Unless you have jello fetish you will not be turned on by it, kinda the opposite, really.

The gameplay itself is bad, bad enough to make you not want to play it at all. It's kinda sad seeing an once good fighting game turned on some cheap (on the worst way possible) sequel.

Seeing FF13 made me want to (finally) finish FF6, but I doubt if I would manage to endure it now. I need to say not needing to grind every character individually it's a big plus for me.

Maybe I will just try a middle ground and play Lost Odyssey instead.  Best of both worlds, perhaps.