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18 days ago
oh yeah well heres pixel art of my character in a pixel art style game.
21 days ago
Minor spelling error: "..., but I won't pretend 8-bits pixel isn't an aquired taste."

It's a double negative situation. As it is now it means that you think that 8-bit is an inherent taste instead of acquired, which doesn't match with what you seem to mean.
22 days ago
Honestly, I think the drive for 'realistic' graphics is what's killing the industry. Look at something like Civ 6; the models look alright, but they've been stated to be the biggest reason why they aren't adding as many Civs as they thought they would. You can't keep building up and up and up.
23 days ago
@God Emperor i mostly agree, however if all you know how to draw is pixel then go ahead. I do really dislike when it is used for no reason and especially so if it is shown that the artist can draw, like Dead Cells which was drawn then put through a program to make the beautiful drawings into pixels.
23 days ago
Yeah, I'm with you on the whole, pixel graphics not being ideal. They can work sometimes, but I dislike when they go with 8 bit for no reason. I preferred Ritual of the Night's style by far.

I think 16bit sprites generally can look timeless, but 8 bit often looks naff
23 days ago
Pixel graphics have never appealed to me, it just looks cheap. It's 2020, we have the technology, stop digging up old graphics and start working towards the future. Kickstarters and indie devs shouldn't make games if they can't afford to make their game look good.
23 days ago
Bloodstained shows the promise of what Kickstarter *should* be. They do ONE kickstarter, and it's led to three whole games, the first two of which were pretty great. Other games? They just waste a grand opportunity, looking at you Might No.9.
23 days ago
The DPad on the right is bothering me hardcore.
24 days ago
Talking about pixel castlevania have you heard about Midnight Castle Succubus? https://youtu.be/f2LqXznppts