Unpopular Opinion

Before the first stone is thrown in my direction, let me open saying I think this year's arcana and persona prices are too high. I also think the previous year's price was too high too. When the price of a skin beats the price of a new AAA game I think you crossed the reasonable territory.

This said...


Unless you are a small kid or someone with a gambling addiction, you should know better at this point. Concepts like skinner boxes, microtransactions, and whales are well documented and eventually, you expect adults to know better and spend their money wisely. 


The basic Battlepass price is ok. Not OMGBESTVALUE, but ok. You buy it and if you play a lot you can get most of the rewards like the icons, the map, and the chat wheels sounds. Things start to go full retard when you decide to get the arcanas and personas. If I was a rich Saudi Arabia prince I would go for it, but for people with limited disposable cash, I just don't think it's worth it.


I want to say Valve would earn more money by making the skins cheaper but I believe they ran the numbers and realized they make more profit by making it expensive because people will throw away their money if you give them the chance.


Should I blame a company to try to make legal money on a capitalist system or should I blame adults with poor impulse control who enable its behavior?


Speak with your wallet.