Solo Stealth


For those you haven't played Payday 2, imagine your normal stealth game with guards and cameras where you need to reach a infiltrate a certain building. A bank, a military base, a casino... and once you are there you need to reach the valuables.

The thing is, the valuables are never a jewel, or a usb-stick. They are usually a crates of weapons, server racks or big bags of moneys. Focus on plural, since there are multiple of those and after you managed to get inside you need to now to get out, then go back again and do it multiple times until you moved all the loot.

It's harder than it looks because most missions won't allow you to eliminate all the guards so there is some tension in moving the goods but hard or easy, there is a good deal of the game which is basically you moving your stolen goods to the escape area.

p.s. You can unlock some closer delivery areas but you still have lots of legwork in moving all the stuff.