I'll not bash what is by now moderm gaming staples like bugs and predatory EULAs because those assume I am interest in the game to start.

I played the hell of the original Warcraft III, the game was a perfect storm of being far better than whatever was on the shelves, affordable, low spec (my computer was shitty) yet good looking and full of content. You played the campaign, the ladder, custom games or in my case, 1 vs 3 games vs AI. Suffice to say I have a fond spot on the game in my heart and the only game I played more is TF2.

So when I saw the new game I was disappointed, not because of bugs or whatever but because has someone who played the hell of the original the game just didn't look the same. I'm sure people who never played the original will not care and even think the new one is better but for me it looks like a chinese knock-off.

I just have this feeling nobody who played or worked the original was part of the project. I mean, it's obviously Warcraft III but like it was made by some robot who may technical skills but without a ounce of heart.