This is not a complain, but Temtem is so close to Pokemon I believe the could easily pick the whole game, change any reference from "temtem" to "pokemon", replace Cards with Pokeballs and nobody would know better.

I think the biggest real difference for Pokemon veteran is Temtem has some unique types like Digital and Crystal and seen to be missing some Pokemon types like Ghost and Metal.

Since I never played Pokemon (Gameboy were not sold here when I was a kid) Temtem is pretty much the "official" version for me.

Is it worth it? Well, the game is on beta and it's an MMORPG so this may be a plus or a minus depending of the person Persnonally I like to have a fresh start and if the game survives, not having to re-catch the critters every time seen like a bonus for me.

But there is no Pikachi there so if you like to see familiar faces you may want to go to Sword and Shield, assuming your favorite made the cut of course.