Smash Reveal

Like many, I'm disappointed by Byleth reveal, not because s/he is from Fire Emblem, or because he is a swordsman but because he looks a lot like other Fire Emblem Swordman. His gameplay seen more unique and more true to Fire Emblem ethos with the whole weapon switch mechanic but it's not enough for me.

But Smash Ultimate isn't a charity or a contest, Nintendo isn't forced to put Doomslayer or Waluigi because they are "relevant" or "deserve it". Nintendo put what they believe the players want or in this case, for marketing purposes too.

But I don't expect they to pull this kinda lukewarm reveal a lot and the next one will probably be an interesting character with the obligatory Pokemon reveal shoved to the middle of the next season.

p.s. This comic took more effort to do than it should so I hope you Alek fans are HAPPY!

p.p.s. Remember when I said my shitty Dell was a piece of shit? Here is a sample of it in action. Mind you according to Dell this is "working as intended"