Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Little trade secret... come closer, let me tell you.

Are you listening? Here we go...

People love RNG.

Now, SOME people just hate it, and some people hate losing and RNG sometimes makes them lose but those some people love when fortune slimes upon them.

The vast majority, however, they love it. People just love to pull the lever and see the pieces fall and make them win (or lose) with minimal effort. It matters not if it's fair in a competitive sense as long as the player has a minimal sense of control, even if this sense of control has little impact on the outcome.

Now, I'm sure people will disagree but I'm giving numbers here. Hearthstone was revitalized after they created Battlegrounds and several streamers who proudly pointed the unfairness of RNG are now "pro battlegrounds streamers".

Blizzard is not dumb, big game companies now all have tons of data and studies on gamer's behavior. When they fail is either because they try to push too far or because technical problems but they KNOW what attracts the majority of the players and the dopamina shot from a random outcome is one of those things.