Genuine Reactions

I saw 2 kinds of reaction videos for the latest and last Star Wars movie trailer, one was jaded ex-fans who picked apart at everything and bright-eye super fans who had orgasms at the glance of... anything.

Lando? Wow! Star destroyers? Wow! Luke voice? Double Wow!

I wish I had this kind of enthusiasm to... anything. Especially about a movie trailer of what is now a troubled franchise. Not saying the trailer was bad, it did show there will be action and the bad guys are going into the offensive but I have zero emotional attachment to the universe at this point. You knew Frodo was fighting to save the Shire, and the Shire was a cool place. What the Resistance is defending right now? Casino Planet? And who is doing that? Bland girl Rey whipped boy Poe and comedic relief Finn. Yup, I'm totally stoked for that.

This said I think it's cool to be excited about the movie. I still watch most Ninja Turtle cartoons independently of their quality. It's okay to be excited, but I don't fool myself into thinking what I am excited for has quality.