The Day Of The Hat

For those out of the loop, there was a glitch which made the crates #82 and #85 have a 100% chance to drop an unusual hat. You buy a key, you open a crate and get your unusual hat, 100% guaranteed.

Some more market oriented people flooded the marketplace with unusual hats and make some (steam) cash. Others like me bought some keys and opened a couple of boxes to be part of the "event".

Right now the bug is fixed and the hats got during the Hatpocalipse are untradeble and some people believe a rollback may happen. End.

By the way, I'm a bit sick right now with a combo of cold and joint pain specially on my drawing tentacle so apologies if today's comic isn't up to quality... I simply have no condition of judging it right now AND if it's bad honestly I have no energy to re-do it anyway so I hope you guys enjoy a classic TF2 hat joke in the meanwhile.

Time to nap a bit because I still have 2 patreon pics to do this weekend.