Fun fact - I used to be a huge fan of Plants vs Zombies.

I enjoyed the theme, the art, the music, even the minigames, it was the whole package.

So come PvZ 2 for Apple devices and I got double bummed because I dislike mobile games AND lacked an Apple one. However when I friend borrowed me his I used the chance to download and play it.... and was sorely disappointed.

It was a worse version of PvZ on every sense. No mini-games, no zen garden, worse interface, worse music and some plants locked behind a pay gate.

Afrer that they launched Garden Warfare and I guessed they moved away from the tower defense genre. I bid the series farewell and decide to live just with the good memories.

So when I heard about PvZ 3 I decide to at least give it a look, more in respect for the original game than by genuine interest because once you go down on the microtransaction gate you don't usually come back.

Sadly my fears were true.. while the game may perhaps be good for mobile game standards, it's still a mobile game.