Character Development

After I saw the screens of the new Metroid game I changed the plans for today current strip to give a small poke at it.

I am not exceptionally thrilled by Samus character. Metroid comes from a time when games doesn't need a deep story. Samus in the game is just a armor who shoots whatever comes it's way. Her enemies are faceless, as are her supposed allies, this doesn't made Metroid games bad, but their deep, involving plot was never the main selling point.

But today even a mindless shooter have a deep story with cinematic scores, and eventually they decided to give Samus some backstory.

I don't know what Team Ninja (of ninja gaiden fame) will do with her besides adding 2 morph balls on her chest but I am definitely curious. However, I think no matter the outcome, the fans will end up not enjoying the result.