The Long Haul

I am big Valve fanboy but I can't deny they have a bad track record of keeping their word.

From the top of my mind, here is a small list of promised stuff they failed to deliver.

- Half Life2 eps 3 (which later evolved to the mythical Half-Life 3)

- Xbox update for TF2 (the whole new weapons, new maps, etc)

- Heavy Update for TF2

- Artifact 2.0

Now, I won't call Artifact dead YET... I think it still has one last bullet in the chamber but I don't think it will be enough unless it uses it to, you know...

I'm sure other companies also have canceled stuff (Starcraft Ghost anyone?) but since Valve release so little, any cancellation is amplified.

I like to dream they are putting all their energy into creating the next step in gaming evolution, which may or may not involve VR but at this point, I would not bet on it.

Still, there are lots of gaming companies out there so it's Valve who is losing more by not doing stuff. Anyone else excited by Cyberpunk 2077?