Family Friendly

I finally powered thru Wargroove and managed to get the "bad" ending.

To get the good ending I'd need to collect 100 star, which means doing some extra missions like arcade and puzzles and honestly, I'm over it.

The balance of the game is bad, with Pikemen being too powerful and countering most ground units making the best strategy always being "spam pikemen until you can spam dragons"

I usually don't say this but the story is more wholesome than a eps of My Little Pony with people constantly cheering and validating each other.

The last mission is surprisingly hard by the way, like 2 leagues harder than anything else in the game. 

I think I learned a lesson with Wargroove though. I won't try to finish games I'm not invested anymore. If I feel the game is like a chore I should not force myself over it. There are so many games out there there is no reason to spend time playing one which isn't fun anymore.