Reasons to Play Katana Zero

I been pretty bummed by how little I've been enjoying most games to a point I was thinking maybe the problem is on me, maybe I should move on and do gardening or kickboxing, I don't know.

Than I played Katana Zero and that old joy come back, that was gaming like I used to play, hell, BETTER than it used to be.

I could spend paragraphs praising the combat, the visuals, the story (surpringly good!) and etc but I think the Steam page speak by itself.

I can't praise this game enough and you all should play it and if you don't like it you have bad taste and should be ashamed of yourself.

To not give only praises, the pixel art style isn't for everyone. I know some people don't like it and it's fine. It's like black and white movies I guess... some people just don't like it, me included.

Some people praised the music but it didn't do it for me.

I enjoyed the story but it's very violent and kinda confusing. I can see some people prefering a simpler story or something more tame.

Anyway, game of the year of all years, 10/0 would stop time and drink herbal team with pigtal kid.