Hungry Predators

I could go on this forever but it's time to move on about Hearthstone misadventures.

This said I think HS is on a rough spot right now. As a long time player, I think the issue here is simple, while the game may have new cards there aren't new mechanics and card game players are not like PUBG where a new assault rifle is considered new content. Releasing a 4/5 Furry Yeti with the Beast tag may be a new card and open new deck building possibilities but it's not a new mechanic and you'll deal with it as you deal with any other Yeti.

My very personal opinion here... I think would be cool if there were cards which affected the board itself, call it "Field Effects" and would buff (or debuff) creatures. Perhaps make it occupy part of your own field so the more effects you have, the less creatures you have to benefit from it.