It's a known fact it's harder to aim with a joypad than with a mouse to a point company doesn't allow cross-play between PC and consoles.

Knowing that, when companies make a game for a console, they know they want to avoid some situations. Most combats will happen in what I call "the shooting gallery". You enter a room or a street and the enemies will all on plain view of sights at your front. with perhaps some kind of cover to run after they notice you. Said enemies will almost never have much mobility, no dashes or jumps, and nobody will surprise flank you by the side or back.

The reason is simple, it's hard to do an instant 90 or 180-degree turn on your joypad so combat it's almost like an on-rails shooter.

If you remove the sci-fi or military dressing, it's not unlike those shooting galleries full of ducks and prizes and I don't blame the devs by doing that if their goal is to sell on consoles but for me it makes for uninteresting PC shooters.

If you played Halo on console decades ago (and liked it) may be worth replaying it on PC just to obliterate the Convenant using mouse and keyboard. You'll probably feel like the Chief himself.