Unfair Tactics

The new Dota hero, Ares, is here, and his main gimmick is his foward facing shield who can absorb 70% damage of attacks.

If this hero appeared 5 years ago I'd say it was imbalanced but modern Dota is a different beast. Magic damage is everywhere and scales well into late game, both with talents and items like Veil of Discord. If Ares even turn into first pick material people would just pick Viper or craft Silver Edge.

So while I think the hero is strong, especially as a position 3 offlaner, I don't think the Bulwark part is the best part of the kit. I think people will pick him because of the ultimate which played right can easily win a team fight.

To close, I found the hero visual kind on the ugly side. His anatomy is kind of freaky and he looks like a cartoon character lost in a more realistic game. Still, since you only will see him from the top it may work. I'd totally buy a cosmetic to cover his face though.