Color Pie

I was watching some old Mass Effect 2 videos and damn, do I love this game.

I think Bioware was at its apex when they made it, almost everything on the game is either good or excellent. The game has so many memorable moments it's hard to keep track.

People praise Wither 3 as the best RPG but I think Mass Effect pulls ahead because it's shorter. Witcher 3 open world end up making the game stretches too long and personally, I was not fond of Ciri so having to babysit her kind put a minus in the game for me. 

Before you guys raise your silver swords I'm not saying Witcher 3 is bad, it's my 2nd favorite RPG but there are some issues and Mass Effect 2 just has fewer of them.

To close, this comic made me hungry, I think I'll go buy a cake today...