I'm lovin it

Here is the official annoucement from Capcom


Sponsored Content will be introduced into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on December 11. Sponsored content will be displayed in several locations in-game to remind you about costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour. When Sponsored Content is enabled, players can obtain additional Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches - these bonuses come with an upper limit. Here are the places where you will see Sponsored Content:

  • Costumes: Ad Style – Every character will have an Ad Style costume where the sponsored content will appear somewhere on their clothing or model
  • Loading Ads – A sponsor will appear in the versus screen before a battle – this will not affect loading screen times
  • Stage Ads – Some tournament stages feature a sponsor like the Ring of Power
My take on it: Some stages (like the ones which are already stadiums) having ads doesn't bother me, it fits the theme of the stadium after all.

Costumes I'm not so thrilled... what reasons someone like Dalshim or Akuma would have to cover themselves in ads? Assuming the costumes itself aren't just ugly.
Loading screen ads? I know it doesn't affect the match but I already paid for the game (and the DLCs) and I really don't need more ads being shoved down my throat.

This said, it's optional content which can be turned off so there is that. Still I expect a poorer streaming experience featuring Red Bull Ken fighting Monster Energy Blanka on Pepsi Stadium.