Deader Horse

I was ready to move on but the latest development of the Failout76 saga deserved its own strip.

The comic already explained it, the canvas bag of the collector edition has been replaced by a cheap nylon one. Bethesda claim "lack of available materials" as if canvas was Nepalese jade or something. 

It's hard to know who screwed up this time, Bethesda by not properly specifying the material to the producer or some supplier failing to provide the materials but the final consumer shouldn't be the one being affected, and when I say "shouldn't" I say this sounds pretty illegal. I can't sell diamonds on later deliver glass and say sorry.

The best part is, after a half-assed apology Bethesda decided to give a store credit of 500 atoms (5 dollars) for all collectors edition buyers. Jesus Christ Bethesda, those atoms cost you nothing and can only be used to buy cosmetics, you could at least tried to make your apology sound sincere.

I am starting to believe Bethesda may be bankrupt and 76 was a desperate attempt to gather any kind of money to keep afloat.