Here’s the thing, gamers always complain about their game, and Hearthstone players always complain about the meta after the honeymoon stage of a new expansion, so I will not say Blizzard is wrong in saying this meta is fine.

That said...

The Boomsday expansion honeymoon period was pretty short and overall people were not overly hyped for what is seen as a "low power" expansion.

The streamer scene (for whatever is worth) started to complain a lot about the game, and I mean A LOT.

I, personally, think this is the worst expansion Hearthstone has had, but this is mostly because my style of play (clown fiesta RNG card generation) is not competitive.

So maybe Blizzard is right and the meta is fine, or the meta sucks but Blizzard thinks it's good enough to claim any change may make things even worse.


With the release of Magic the Gathering Arena stealing some big streamers, Blizzard announced, yes, changes are coming.

What pisses me is that no matter if Blizzard thinks the changes are needed or not, what caused the changes was the rise of a competitor, not a need to make their players happy. If there was no Magic Arena, I doubt we would be seeing any changes or improvements.