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Broken Toys
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almost 6 years ago
Anyone else read Anduin, as Alduin? Also I have absolutely no Idea what's going on.
almost 6 years ago
Fuck Sylvanas! She is destroying the Horde!
almost 6 years ago
i wish Alek apeared more frequently.
also i am not sure about her theme.
jo=pervert artist
angie=fanservice girl who loves machines
annie=greedy and sexy
morgan=hates fanservice
victoire=loves winning
what about alek?is she suppossed to be strong?
almost 6 years ago
@RedMattis: From what I understand she blighted the battlefield her army was on to get the Alliance, unexpected aid broke them free of the Blight. When the Alliance leadership went to confront her she tried to blight them by unleashing it in the throne room and escaping.
almost 6 years ago
i really really hope Blizzard ready with the reason why Sylvannas did what she did. Well we can hope since they did ready with Old Soldier cinematic after that burning of Teldrassil shit.
almost 6 years ago
Sylvanas has to find a more adequate way to manage her tantrums, or at the end all Azeroth will be nothing but ashes
almost 6 years ago
Did Sylvanas destroy something or her own now as well, or what happened?
almost 6 years ago
Why does this comic summarize the conflict so accurately??? This is exectly what the whole "war" feels like next to Azeroth dying and shit!