When It Rains...

3 days after I move to my new place my computer dies, with the first symptons of something wrong appearing as soon as I turn it on at my new place.

For those curious, it started by booting by the secondary HDD but I went to the BIOS and directed it to the right one and it seemed fine... expect by some hiccups here and there, when watching videos or playing games.

Eventually the freezes started to get longer and longer, reaching minutes at time.

In the end it blue screen'ed twice and I decided to give up and move to a new machine.

By one side it would be cool if it lasted until I was 100% settled on my new place... on the other side it lasted until I moved and most of the files were backed up on the external HDD.

All I can do is press F for its 4 years of service. May it rest in the big server room in the sky.