Morally Grey

Context for those who don't play WoW

The whole killing thousands of civilans things aside, what I found more cruel was she turning the elf girl to the side so she could see the tree burning. You could argue all you want about strategic decisions or war goals but this part was just Sylvanas flexing her evil muscles.

Sylvanas undead persona always did evil stuff so this doesn't surprise me.. WHY she is evil is the big question though. Without the Lich King influence, free will and memories of her past life she should be just like she was before dying unless undeath has some lingering evil side effect which was never pointed.

I much prefer an evil Horde vs a goodie Alliance instead of 2 factions morally similar but with different skins. However right now you have players who want a noble Horde and other side who wants an ruthless one and there is no way to make both sides happy...

...unless..., Blizzard would never launch a 3rd faction.

Would they?

p.s. Vol'Jin kept the tradition of "wise" Horde leaders doing "wise" decisions by choosing some nutso to succeed them.