I am no stranger of playing the underdog. I played Dota instead of League and I played TF2 instead of Counter Strike. I give most games a fair chance and make a decision of what to play after I played it instead of going by peer pressure.

Still, Fortnite is such a hit it make me feel out of touch. I think it's bigger than LoL at it's peak with a playerbase which isn't made of chinese players. And before people call me racist or anything a non-chinese playerbase means you may actually find people on your city who plays the game. A huge game with a chinese-centric playerbase will many times looks like a ghost town on your region.

Backing to Fortnite... it's kind hard to write about anything game related recently when what most people play is that Battle Royale. Sure, I could make a strip about pretty much anything but if I wanted to ignore what people are playing I'd make strips about games older than some of my readers.

On the good side if I had to play Fortnite to pump new strips it's not the worst of the punishements. I find the game playable, I just suck at it. I'd be royally fucked if I had to play PUBG for a living thou.