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almost 6 years ago
New conspiracy: the whole of FortNite BR takes place in a tiny hidden room in Angie’s bar
almost 6 years ago
Just a casual reminder that Angie happened to buy the building the bar is housed in from some very-*not*-thin men/snakemen hailing from XCOM... Hope that the previous owners didn't happen to forget some secrets behind some sealed-up walls that now want out...
almost 6 years ago

I hope its the real fortnite that was suppose to be f2p _ tower defense zombie killing game.

Or zombies added to br, that also would be fun.
almost 6 years ago
Don't let Anne Marie know, she'll start charging them to look at it. Then again it's better than charging for her fanservice due to this could go back to the bar instead of just her.
almost 6 years ago
so a crack just appeared in the wall of the bar on day?

i wish my 200 euro laptop from 2015 could handle fortnite.
i plan to add 2 more gigs of ram and if i am lucky it might be able to run realm royale
(right now i get so much lag that i can barely enter a door without teleporting)