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Chess Royale
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almost 6 years ago
Royale with Chess was a better name
about 6 years ago
There is too many "original" battle royale that are just the same, but some IP could totally do as battle royale spinoff like Raving Rabbids. If you're familiar with the TV show the world could a be a huge battle stage, and have citizens be used as moving obstacles.
about 6 years ago
Actually a battle royale shooter or deathmatch game based on chess could and might be interesting.
about 6 years ago
1)i don't get it,what game ae you talking about?
2)maybe you should take a brake from drawing if you are sick.
about 6 years ago
actually I play cuisine royale. it's buggy and I know there are aimbots around. but for a short and simple 30 man on top being free. I like this one
about 6 years ago
I'm extremely excited for the upcoming launch!

...It is free, right? I mean, Fortnite is free, so this is, too, right?