Kojima Special

Right now Death Stranding has a deep foot on the "artsy bullshit" category for me and if there is a solid game behind that it would be a welcome surprise.

All praises I see about it are based on Kojima genius but if was anyone else behind the trailers people would be roasting it on social media.

The world looks like a sad, rainy scottish countryside, the protagonist is a tired man who looks as confused as we are and we don't even know the enemy because they are fucking invisible. Suddenly... fetuses.

Even if the whole thing made sense , the elements I see in the game are not the ones which appeal to me. I don't see the world of Death Stranding and go 'yeaaah, I want to visit this place and mess around".

Perhaps the genius of Kojima is to create such low expectations on the game if he released a vanilla sci-fi shooter people would call it game of the year of all years.

Me? I'll just call a spade a spade and say Death Stranding trailers sucks.