Choo Choo

My transition to Windows 7 wasn't without bumps, but despite the need to reinstall lots of stuf it was less painful than previous changes in which my computer usually died and I lost almost eveything.

\Truth be told, I'd be happy to stay with XP a bit longer but I would need to switch sooner or later but now was a good time and MS is dropping support to XP so I better move to the newer, safer system before virus and trojans take it over.

I tried to adapt 7 to the old XP style but I ended with the worst of both. I decided to (unwillingly) embrane change and enter the new world of tabbed browsing and stacked deskbar icons. I still refuse to use Aero... I prefer my OS a bit less flashy.

Best part I still managed to update the page in (almost) time.