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This may be a bit obscure for those who don't follow the Overwatch League so let me explain it for those who don't follow it.

Shangai Dragons is the bottom-tier list of the League, not having won a single game. This alone should be ehough to get the punching bag panel.

AKM, a Dallas Fuel player managed to take 3:45 seconds to get his ultimate and did only 900 damage the whole match. To put in sports perspective imagine a basketball player touching the ball only once in half a match. The time he took to get the blade turned into an unofficial time measure in the community.

Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez was a Boston Uprising player who got suspended indefinitely from it after some nasty sex-related misconducts. If you bought his jersey on the official store you could request a replacement. I'm sure they'll pop up on some landfill sooner or later.