Good Versus Evil

Like I promissed, here is the sunday update.

With this out of the way, let me rant a bit about Destiny 2... I know, I know, kicking the dead horse but bear with me.

So, Destiny 2 have grenades, and they come in different flavors, there is the void grenade, the solar grenade, the arc grenade and they behave slightly different but honestly if you saw one you saw all, its a throwy thingie who goes blow up enemies.

The same can be said of the jumps, the overall mobility of the 3 classes is the same and all places are reachable for the 3 classes. It's not like TF2 which different classes could reach different places.

In a game where all 3 classes can use all weapons you think they would use unique stuff like grenades and stuff to help make the classes unique but nope., which leads to the point I want to reach.

Ignoring all the other problems, Destiny 2 is a game with a single class. I never played Hunter and I assure you I could pick it and play it like I play my Warlock if I gave him the same weapons, the sole difference being their ultimates.

Why Bungie decided to basically make the game have just one class I don't know. Perhaps to simplify the content production? If you have one class you don't need to worry about the one of them being too weak or too strong and all content is beatable to all. I want to say it's lazy but I think the correct term would be "safe". Destiny 2 is a incredibly "safe" game in terms of design. No weapon is too good, no class is too strong, no ability is too powerful and this made it very boring very fast.

And perhaps that's why it failed.