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Fair Price
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over 12 years ago
Hes a nerd
over 13 years ago
[url=#user_comment_37871]@Sunhawk[/url]: IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW
almost 14 years ago
A bit late, but I think i figured things out.

1) Geralt has a bunch of loot to sell, and gets a small amount for it.
2) He then tries to buy something, only everything costs lots.
3) Only thing Gerald can afford is a gift
4) Merchant comes home, finds his wife/kid wearing the gift.
over 14 years ago
@Shadow Mask Prime: I think it's supposed to be that the merchant was offering a small amount for the ribbon, so PC got mad and left with the ribbon (the small money pouch is left behind), and then had an affair with the merchant's wife while the merchant was still working (ribbon = gift for girl)
over 14 years ago
I'm playing The Witcher. I can explain.
The merchants will screw Geralt. Geralt will screw... pretty much anything female. Peasant villagers, noble ladies, prostitutes, a high elf, a half elf, a dryad, a sorceress, the princess, a vampiress, even a local water goddess. All with commemorative cards!
Shadow Mask Prime
over 14 years ago
Maybe it is meant to be that She's having an affair? Or she brought the ribbon from the Witcher guy, at a High price, meaning the Witcher got his worth back?
over 15 years ago
i dated that guy
almost 16 years ago
It's the Witcher, I think, and basically the Witcher was pissed at this guy's crazy prices so he bought a ribbon and did the guy's wife.
almost 16 years ago
Never got this one, can someone please explain?