Sea Of Thieves

I started thinking in putting Morgan there but later decided I wanted more swimsuit (Morgan would be wearing a diving suit) so I changed to Anne but people always complain about lack of Alek so I decided to use her instead.

The one piece was mostly a whim. In my mind 2-pieces aren't comfortable for someone with big boobies but I may be totally wrong on this one.

On, and about Sea of Thieves... the game looks kind of barebones but the devs were pretty smart in giving popular streamers free keys so at launch the game was pretty hyped and I'm sure mora than one person saw a streamer having fun on the first hours in the game and decided to dive in only to find later what he saw at the stream was pretty much all the game had to offer.

I don't even think the streamers were shilling, the first hours of the game is fun and streamers are pro at "having a good time" specially when playing with friends. It just after few hours everybody got bored of it but and silently move on.