Into The Breach gives you just a single squad at the start, the Rift Walkers which are pretty good to be honest. Lots of positioning abilities and good damage.

After that, the 1st squad you may unlock may be the Rusting Hulks and I fucking hate that squad.

I know some people will say they are the BESTAH SQUAD EVAR and how they make the game a cakewalk but I don't eat it. As the 1st squad you get after the Walkers they look like a straight downgrade which requires a specific pilot (Camila) to work.

Meanwhile I can just zap all the Vek like the bugs they are with Blitzkrieg instead of waiting the Hulks farts trying to slowly suffocate the Vek while they kill what's left of humanity.

On the good side at least they are not the Steel Judoka.