Into The Breach Faster Than Light

Into The Breach is a nice game and I don't regret buying it day 1 and got my money more than worth.

Special mention to how sweet the interface is. It's SO easy to manage your troops with a couple of clicks and knowing what'll happen before you attack without the need to go into menus. Like on FTL, the interface just fucking works.

This said...

For a game with so little RNG I don't really get why they decided to go with the whole "iroman" approach. When I lose on FTL I can pray to the RNG gods for better encounters but on ITB you never get freebies like a weapon just floating in space.

Mind you, I already beat it but the game isn't easy and knowing you don't have lady luck as your wingman to tilt the scales means every victory is hard fought with lots of concentration. I woud personally prefer to be able to save at the start of each map and not need to focus so much every turn.

Ah, and FTL music was better.