New Waifu
Jokes aside, I didn't dig Black Cat D-Va. There is nothing wrong with the skin itself but I'm just not into the whole gothic lolita fashion. Yeah, the meka has a cat tail. Whoop-de-do. I'll probably keep using B-va.
Now, Zarya Barbarian skin is business, finally because I can get rid of her bubblegum pink haircut. This alone made the skin worth it but it helps every other Zarya skin is ugly too.
I also think the Nova skin is the best Widowmaker skin. Nice gun, nice suit and your skin isn't blue anymore!
The other heroes all got nice skins but I'm pretty fine with the ones I have. For example I like Tobjorn Magni skin but I prefer the Viking one just because the little axes and fur coat on his back. I even use Zenyatta default skin because it's my favorite model.
Still, it's nice to swap once in a while but I just pick whatever is available, no need to spend my gold for something I will use once in a blue moon.