Terra Tech is fun but sadly I did pretty much what I wanted on that game. Surely I haven't done everything but right now the game needs a bit more content.

Outside content, I wish the game had room for different kind of vehicles because right now going big is usually the best way.

Surely, a smaller mining truck works better than a humongous one by moving faster and being more nimble but eventually you'll be attacked by enemy vehicles and you wish you had your behemot with 30 guns.

There is also the issue the game gives you crafting (which is pretty interesting with factories and refineries) but it's just easier to destroy enemy vehicles and collect their parts, with the bonus you can even collect parts you can't craft yet like those juicy big battery packs.

Also, after you make your first Doomtank you are pretty much done. You could always grow bigger but for me at least there was no challege left.  Perhaps a dangerous biome to cross or a bigger goal like Factorio's "build a spaceship" would keep me going but without it I see no point.

Still, even if I don't play it anymore I had my fair share of fun and I may even go back there from time to time to craft some bizarre vehicle for funsies.