Choose Your Destiny

I'm sure some Destiny veterans can make long rants about how different end game / pvp of Hunter is a world of difference from Warlock and Titan but here is the thing: All 3 classes have access to similar gear with similar stats and will have (fairly) similar damage output and resistance.

Yeah, yeah... Titan get a bit more resilence on their gear and Warlock have damage buffs but in the end of the day anyone with 300 power using Nameless Midnight will do the same damage. There is no holy trinity here.

Since they all fulfill similar roles unless you REALLY like one class specific perk like Hunter triple jump instead of Titan hover thing you just pick whatever class you think looks better.

For better or for worse the look stays consistent. You like hoods? All Hunter gear comes with one. Hates shoulderpads? Don't be a fool like me and pick Titan.