Health Potion

A little more about collectible card games...

People say other CCG are cheaper, but this is expected... the leader of the market has the luxury to charge more while the underdog charge less to try to get more people to play it.

My main complain with Hearthstone isn't the price tag, but how little you get from it. The client is a mess with no basic features like replays or a decent reconnect function. Your avatar is stactic with few voice lines and the cards aren't animted unless you get golden ones. The only part I think it's above average is interacting with the board but it lose your novelty eventually.

Sometimes you even get some weirdly disappointing content like assembling the Death Knight win condition with the 4 horsemen and instead of a nice clip you get 4 snowballs being flung at the enemy and he dies like usual. Was 3 months not enough to give it a nice animation or they looked at it and thought "this is fine"?

Surely Blizzard could do better, specially for the price tag.